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i&|                 LECTURES AND ESSAYS

not give MS the right to say that it is true.
And the question which our conscience is
always asking about that which we are tempted
to believe is not, "Is it comfortable and
pleasant?" but, "Is it true?" That the
Prophet preached certain doctrines, and pre-
dicted that spiritual comfort would be found in
them, proves only his sympathy with human
nature and his knowledge of it; but it does not
prove his superhuman knowledge of theology.

And if we admit for the sake of argument

(for it seems that we cannot do more) that the

progress made by Moslem nations in certain

cases was really due to the system formed and

sent forth into the world by Mohammed, we

are not at liberty to conclude from this that he

was inspired to declare the truth about things

which we cannot verify.   We are only at liberty

to infer the excellence of his moral precepts, or

of the means which he devised for so working

upon men so as to get them obeyed, or of the

social and political machinery which he set up,

And it would require a great amount of careful

examination into the history of those nations

to determine which of these things had   the

greater share in the result    So that here again

it is the Prophet's knowledge of human nature,

and his sympathy with it, that are verified ; not

his  divine   inspiration   or   his   knowledge   of